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Practical matters

On this page, you will find guidance on practical matters in Esbjerg Municipality, including exchanging your driver's license, waste disposal and registrering your new address. You are always welcome to contact us if you need additional help. 

Driver's License

Depending on the country or territory where your driver’s license was issued, different rules apply with regard to exchanging your foreign license for a Danish license.

The below procedures should provide you with the easiest method of license exchange.

Please be aware that you will be charged a fee when you acquire a health certificate at your doctor (prices can vary) and there is also a fee when you exchange your license at the Citizen Service Centre (280 DKK).

Driver's License

Learning Danish

Danish tuition upon arrival

When you arrive in Denmark, you will be invited by the municipality for Danish tuition at AOF job & Dansk. The municipality will for the first period of your stay cover the expenses for Danish Tuition at AOF Job & Dansk, which consists of 6 modules and can be used for a period of 5 years distributed with the help of a 42-month vouchers system. You will be required to pay a deposit of DKK2,000 before the lessons start (non-EU au-pairs, refugees and family reunification under Danish rules are excepted from deposit).

The module tuition is targeted both at oral and written Danish which is required by many potential future employers in Denmark. Also, the module tuition meets the criteria for admission to Studies in Danish and/or to apply for permanent residence.

You will receive an offer from the Jobcenter about module Danish tuition within a month after your arrival. Please contact Esbjerg Jobcenter in case you do not receive the offer and/or if you need to postpone startup, as the voucher system begins when you receive the offer for Danish tuition.

To receive an offer or postpone start-up please reach out to Esbjerg Jobcenter, Carol Christiansen on email or phone +45 76 16 74 33

For further questions about the curriculum and teaching methods at AOF Job og Dansk please contact

Additional options for improving your Danish skills

Moving within Denmark

If you move within Denmark, it is your responsibility to inform the Civil Registration office within 5 days after you move. This applies both if you move within the same municipality or between municipalities. 

The change of address can be completed online at or personally at a Citizen Service Centre. You can book a time at the Citizen service centers in Esbjerg municipality at You will need to provide your moving date as well as your new and old addresses.

When you change your address, you will also have the option to change your doctor.  If your new address is close to your former address, you can of course choose to keep your current doctor.

Other things to remember

Remember to notify the companies that supply your heating, electricity, internet and phone, as well any other utility and service providers.
If you are a student with SU, remember to let the SU office know about your change in address.
If you receive a housing benefit, remember to inform Udbetaling Danmark.

Change address online

Change your address online here

Leaving Denmark

When moving from Denmark to another country, you should be aware of the following actions which may be required in connection with your departure:

  1. De-register your address and civil registration at the Citizen Service Centre, or online at no later than 5 days after you depart. 
  2. SKAT/Tax should be notified. Contact SKAT in order to issue a statement of tax payment so that any outstanding tax credit can be reimbursed to your Nem account. You can notify SKAT here 

The following actions may also be necessary:

  • Contact your pension company to learn about receiving your pension abroad or closing your Danish pension account.
  • De-register your children from childcare, school, and so forth.
  • Note your utility usage from the meters and cancel utilities and other services such as electricity, gas, phone, TV and internet.
  • Cancel any insurances.
  • Terminate your housing lease with your landlord.
  • Contact Feriekonto in order to ensure that you will have your remaining holiday leave paid out, in case it is not done automatically. Typically, your outstanding holiday pay will automatically be added to your Nem account when you are no longer registered in the Civil Registration System. Read more at
  • If departing with a vehicle, make sure to de-register your vehicle with SKAT & the Central Motor Registry. When your vehicle is de-registred from the Central Motor Registry, you must hand in your number plates. Find more information on this process at
  • Notify your bank and possiblty close your bank account. Ask if it is possible to keep your Nem Account open for a period of time in case you receive payments or need to make payments after your departure, f.ex. remaining insurance premium reimbursements, payments to SKAT, etc.
  • Hand in or destroy your yellow healthcare card.
  • Contact your doctor and dentist to obtain copies of your medical records, if needed.

Find more practical tips about permanently departing Denmark at



Free parking areas are located throughout the municipality typically allowing you to park for a limit of 2 hours with a Valid Parking disc. In many cases parking will be unlimited and for free after 6pm. on weekdays, after 2pm. on Saturdays and on Sundays. Parking restrictions are common throughout Denmark, are clearly marked and are strictly enforced. Be aware that violating the parking regulations incurs a fine.

More info about parking in Esbjerg and Denmark

Local News in Danish

If you would like to know what is going on locally in the area of Esbjerg or Southwestern Jutland, you can stay updated here.

Find local news

Where to find practical information

Life in Denmark is a public Danish site where you can find lots of national relevant information and here you will also find the public self-service solutions, which are available in English.

On you can for example make change of address and find information about for example:

  • Housing benefits
  • Holiday funds if leaving Denmark
  • Import or purchase of motor vehicle and insurances for vehicles
  • Child and youth benefit and family allowances in Denmark
  • Maternity /paternity benefits in Denmark
  • Giving birth in Denmark
  • Marriage and divorce in Denmark
  • Tax System in Denmark
  • Mandatory and voluntary insurances in Denmark
  • Danish pension types
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications
  • bringing pets to Denmark 
  • Public consumer complaint system
  • Product warranties
  • Purchase of real estate
  • Electricity, Heating, water and sewage
  • Internet and TV in Denmark
  • Transportation in Denmark
  • Higher education system in Denmark and SU (educational grant)
  • Elections in Denmark
  • Plus find facts about Denmark or find a Danish Dictionary of official terms

This website and the Esbjerg area booklet Boost your life offers local relevant practical information for the area of Esbjerg Municipality, such as information for example for local networks, landlords, school dentists, kindergartens, schools, home visiting nurses, cultural institutions, citizen service offices, second hand stores, local transportation etc.