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Sibling allowance

If you have more than one child enrolled in a daycare facility, you automatically receive sibling allowance. You don't need to apply for the allowance.

You can receive sibling allowance if you have multiple children enrolled in:

  • Municipal daycare
  • Self-owned daycare
  • After-school care (SFO)
  • Club
  • Private institution
  • Private care arrangement

Here's how much you save:
You pay the full price for the child with the most expensive placement, determined by the municipality. After that, you only pay half price for the other siblings' placements that are eligible for subsidy.

If one of the children changes institutions, you still receive a subsidy, but it may be transferred to another child, depending on which placement is the most expensive.

Siblings at the same address:
Biological siblings, adopted siblings, and stepchildren living in the same household are considered siblings.

For the subsidy to be calculated and then deducted from parental payment, the children must be registered under the same invoice recipient/payer and be registered at the same residential address.

Specific to private childcare
The subsidy for children enrolled in private institutions and private care arrangements is calculated under different rules. You can find more information on this page.

Sibling allowance is not provided for fee-free club offerings or private after-school care (SFO) or preschools.

Particulars about sibling allowance in private care arrangements