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Spare time activities

In Esbjerg Municipality you never have to be bored. Below we have listed a few sites and opportunities that are nice to know of for people who recently moved here.

A multitude of offers and possibilities

In Esbjerg Municipality, you will find activities and facilities of all kinds, in short, a wealth of opportunities and offers. On this page, we have collected a selection of offers specifically for newcomers who may not know the city very well yet.

Events for newcomers

Meet new people

Many events are held each year specifically for newcomers. Here you can meet other newcomers and get new experiences in your new home town. You will find an overview of events targeted at newcomers here.

See the planned events

Follow the local news

Stay up to date

There are several good places to go if you want to follow what is going on in Esbjerg Municipality and the surrounding area. We have compiled a list for you.

Local news

Ideas for your spare time

Ready for an excursion?

Find you next adventure in Esbjerg Municipality with our suggestions for things to see in the area.

Our list of suggestions

Social and business networks

New city - new network

You will find a variety of networks in Esbjerg, both social networks and business-related networks. Find your inspiration here.

Find a network

Newcomer Buddies

Some local clubs welcome Newcomers and offer a Newcomer Buddy to help newcomers with information and start up.

Read more about Newcomer Buddies

Volunteer work

Become a volunteer

If you need something meaningful to do in your spare time, there are lots of options for volunteer work. Find your inspiration here.

Inspiration for volunteer work

Mere inspiration til dig og din fritid

Experience Esbjerg

At Experience Esbjerg, you can get an overview of the many events, experiences and places that exist in Esbjerg and the surrounding area.

Go to Experience Esbjerg

Clubs and events

If you are looking for a specific club or wish to have an overview of the many events here, we suggest that you visit, where you will find an overview of clubs and activities.

Find you new club

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