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Support and counseling for children, youth, and their families

All children and youth aged 0-18, along with their parents, can receive advice and guidance on the support available in areas such as education, physical activity, and psychological assistance. Begin by discussing this with the nearest educator, teacher, or health visitor. 

If you, as a young person or as a parent, experience challenges in your daily life, we can provide guidance and refer you to the appropriate professionals in the municipality.

The three steps if you are concerned

Is your child dyslexic?

All children in Esbjerg Municipality are screened for dyslexia. If you suspect that your child is dyslexic, you can learn more about the assistance your child can receive here.

Help for dyslexics children

Anxiety treatment for children and youth

If your child or teenager experiences intense anxiety that interferes with their daily life, you can apply for help with anxiety treatment.

Read more about our offerings for anxiety treatment for children and youth

Well-being groups for children and youth from 1st to 9th grade

Is your child affected by grief, your mental illness, or divorce? You can enroll your child in a well-being group where they can, among other things, share difficult thoughts with other children in similar situations and acquire tools.

Learn more about well-being groups

Language assessments

We conduct language assessments of your child if there is a suspicion that they may require specialized language stimulation.

Read more about language assessments

How we ensure your child's well-being and development

Every year, pedagodues and teachers make a written assessment of your child's well-being and development, allowing us to take action promptly if needed.

Read about early detection

Parent Portal

We use the Parent Portal to send you sensitive information about your child. You will only gain access to the Parent Portal when a staff member sends a document to you.

Learn more about the Parent Portal

Book an appointment with a physiotherapist

If your child is 0-6 months old and not developing quite like other children, you can have them examined by one of our physiotherapists if the guidance from the health visitor hasn't been helpful.

Book an appointment with a physiotherapist