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Subsidy for taking care of your own children

As a parent, you have the option to receive subsidy if you choose to take care of your child at home instead of in a municipal institution, a self-owned daycare facility, or a private institution.

The amount of the subsidy for taking care of your child at home is as follows:

From January 2023
Subsidy per month: 

  • 6.621 DKK kr. for children aged 26 weeks to 2 years (2022: 5.989 DKK)
  • 3.794 DKK for children aged 3 years to start of school (2022: 3.608 DKK)

The subsidy is granted from the age of 26 weeks onwards and can be approved for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year per child. There is a maximum of three children per household eligible for the subsidy.

It is possible to divide the subsidy period into two for the same child, and the subsidy period can be shared between the parents.

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