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Youth education

A youth education can form the basis for both working life and further education, therefore it is natural that the entire spectrum of youth education is offered in Esbjerg Municipality.

Youth education in Esbjerg

A youth education can open the door to higher education and your future career. Youth educations in Esbjerg Municipality offers both age-old traditions and newer activities based on diversity and strong academic achievement in modern facilities with vibrant study environments.

Ribe and Esbjerg offer higher preparatory courses (HF) as well as courses at high school and business college. In Esbjerg you will also find a business high school, one technical high school and a technical youth school plus an International high school. The International English-speaking high school is at Esbjerg Gymnasium offering both Pre-IB and IB.

Upper secondary Education in Esbjerg

What's the next step?

There are good opportunities for a high school education/upper secondary education in Esbjerg municipality. You will find an overview of all the upper secondary education programs in Esbjerg Municipality here

Upper secondary education in Esbjerg Municipality

Educational opportunities for you

For elite athletes

In Esbjerg you can attend a special education program for young athletes called EsbjergOrdningen, which combines youth education with elite sports.

Read more about EsbjergOrdningen (in Danish)

Get educated at the agricultural school 'Kjærgård Landbrugsskole'

At the agricultural school, you can train as a production manager or farmer, among other things.

Kjærgård Landbrugsskole

Interested in healthcare or pedagogy?

On SOSU Esbjerg's site, you can explore a wide range of educations. You can read more about the vocational education SOSU in Esbjerg by following the link.

SOSU Esbjerg (in Danish)