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Elementary schools

The school should be a safe place for children where they can play, learn, grow, find friends, and be challenged. At all our schools, we strive to do our very best every day for the pupils to be able to take responsibility, expand their horizons, and be ready for their future life. 

All schools have their own childcare program before and after school hours (SFO) and each school engages the pupils in the surrounding nature, culture, history, and local business community during classes. We believe in life-long learning and have exciting line options for the oldest students. In addition, we place great emphasis on taking care of those who need extra support.

Our elementary schools are divided into seven school districts. In addition, we have Darum Børneby at St. Darum, a common children's universe where kindergarten, school, SFO, and the club have joined forces. Our 10th-grade students can enjoy being part of groups with other kids of the same age at our special Studie 10 in either Bramming or Esbjerg. 

Our website about schools

Here, you will find all the information you need in one place to help you get a better overview and read more about the schools and opportunities for your child. Get an overview of the school districts and read more about each school.

You will also find information about school boards, summer camps, school transport, special assistance, special profile lines for the upper grade range and much more about the school system in Esbjerg Municipality.

However, the page is in Danish so you might need some assistance with the info. Below you will also find a link to more info about the school system in Denmark in general in English.

Enroll your child in school

When your child is going to start in grade 0, you need to register your child for school enrollment. Registration for school enrollment always takes place in January.

Read more about enrolling

Preschool, SFO and kids’ clubs

Preschool is the transition from home or the kindergarten to elementary school. Each school has before and after school programs called SFO, so you child can be taken care of either in the mornings before the school starts and/or after the school is over.

Preschool, SFO and kids’ clubs

Holiday calendar

All schools in Esbjerg Municipality have a shared plan for vacations and holidays.

See which days and weeks the schools are closed


Find your local school

Use the map to get an overview of the schools in your area. Click at the pin to get more information about each school.

Explore schools and school districts in Esbjerg Municipality on this dynamic map.