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Boost Your Life

Your guide to Esbjerg, Bramming, Ribe and the entire Municipality. 

Welcome to Esbjerg Municipality

As a newcomer you might wonder what the locals consider popular meeting places, why the streets are empty on a Wednesday afternoon, where people go to a have picnic, what people do for Easter, where to find the best playgrounds and where people meet up to socialise.

This magazine is an attempt to give you the needed insight to ‘boost your life.’ We focus on Esbjerg, Ribe and Bramming, but you may also find suggestions for daytrips to stunning places throughout the area.

When you start exploring your new home, you will doubtlessly find much more than the highlights mentioned in this magazine.

If you encounter something you feel would improve the next edition, please contact us at:

Practical information

How to get around

Esbjerg Municipality is served by local and regional buses and trains, as well as the Fanø-Esbjerg Ferry. Individual tickets can be purchased at ticket stations for the trains and ferry, while bus tickets can be purchased onboard the bus.

Read more practical information here


Find social and professional networks, information about education in Esbjerg and events.

Read more about networks

Waste and recycling

Here is an overview of what to do with your waste including bin colours, waste collection and collection dates

Find more information about waste and recycling

Cultural and nature experiences throughout Esbjerg Municipality

Cultural activities

Experience Denmark's oldest city, the music house, the cultural school and other cultural activities .

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Events and fun activities

Find all the interesting events across Esbjerg Municipality.

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Activities for children

Find playgrounds, indoor activities and other experiences for the youngest.

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Explore nature

Explore and find inspiration for your next excursion in Esbjerg Municipality.

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Elementary schools in Esbjerg Municipality

Find the right school offer for your child

In Esbjerg Municipality, we have 25 elementary schools. Read more about the options and choose the one that fits your child. 

These are some of the most important websites

Explore Esbjerg

Your next adventure starts at explore Esbjerg - your guide to cultural and leisure life in Esbjerg Municipality.


By the Wadden Sea

Experience the beautiful nature by the Wadden Sea


Local news and social media

It's nice to be able to follow the local news where you live


You can also sign up for newsletter for newcomers. 

International house and newcomer service

Newcomer service is located in our international house. The address is Torvegade 23, 6700 Esbjerg. 

At newcomer service you will find many events for newcomers.

Feel free to contact newcomer service at: or on the phone: 2047 3206.