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For companies

In the newcomer service, we are also ready to assist companies that want to strengthen their ability to recruit international employees or relocate employees to the municipality.

Do you hire newcomers?

The Newcomer Service provides guidance to companies in Esbjerg Municipality regarding the hiring of newcomers - for example, in the case of hires from abroad and in presenting Esbjerg for recruitment projects targeted towards newcomers, so we can assist your company in attracting and retaining both Danish and international employees.

We are ready to help

The Newcomer Service is with you all the way

  • Throughout the recruitment process, we can inform the candidates you wish to hire about life in Esbjerg Municipality.
  • When you hire foreign labor, we can provide advice and guidance on rules and procedures.
  • We can ensure that your future employees have a sparring partner even before they move to Esbjerg Municipality.
  • We can increase the chances of your new employees settling well in Esbjerg Municipality.

How to use the Newcomer Service in connection with hiring:

Step 1: Contact the Newcomer Service

Get in touch with us to inform us that you have hired – or are expecting to hire - a newcomer. You can choose when in the process the Newcomer Service should be involved, but we recommend involving us well in advance of the start of employment regarding preparation and relocation.

Step 2: We contact your new employee

We can assist your new employee with knowledge about the area, providing reassurance and making all the practical aspects a bit easier.

We can help with:

  • Information about residential areas and getting an overview of relevant landlords
  • Information about schools or registration for childcare
  • Formalities upon arrival from abroad
  • Information about Danish language classes, relevant networks, leisure activities
  • Information about Danish culture and the system upon arrival from abroad

Step 3: Settling in Esbjerg

We would like to help retain new newcomers and ensure they are aware of the social activities in Esbjerg.

We focus on:

Partner job opportunities​

  • Personal career guidance for partners
  • ​CV dissemination to a wide range of companies
  • For international partners, we also conduct job search courses in collaboration with Workindenmark

Social networks and news​

  • We invite newcomers to welcome meetings
  • ​We share our knowledge about existing networks, social activities, and relevant events
  • We assist in establishing new networks
  • We disseminate news for newcomers

Teaser for the bottom of your job posting

If you wish, feel free to add a teaser at the bottom of the job posting, where you envision that several applicants might also be potential newcomers whom you would like to attract. For example, you can add the following teaser to the bottom of the job posting.

In Danish:

Vil du gerne vide mere om at flytte til Esbjerg Kommune? På kan du finde den information du har brug for omkring boligområder, boligsøgning, skoleindskrivning, børnepasning og fritid. Esbjerg Kommunes Tilflytterservice er også parate til at hjælpe dig med information om området på Tel. 20 27 32 06 eller

In English:

Are you aiming at a life in Esbjerg? You can investigate housing, neighborhoods, childcare, schools and leisure at  Esbjerg Newcomer Service is always ready to help with more information about the area and to help you settle. Feel free to reach out to the Newcomer Service at or Tel. +45 20 27 32 06

More about the rules

Is everything under control?

At the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri), you can learn more about, for example, work permits and employment conditions when hiring international employees. You can also download their templates.

Go to the Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri)