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Higher education

There are six educational institutions with over 60 higher education programs in Esbjerg, and the study environment is thriving.

Esbjerg is a fantastic city for students - and we are constantly working to improve. The international environment in particular makes the city an exciting and innovative student city with room for everyone.

Among other things, new student housing is constantly being built in the center of the city, so that there is still good housing for the students who are moving to Esbjerg.

Get an overview of the possibilities in Esbjerg

List of higher education programs & educational institutions

You will find a complete overview of higher education at Studentum (in Danish)

Higher education

The student city of Esbjerg

Seize student life in Esbjerg

At E.1 you can meet students from Esbjerg, read more about Esbjerg as a student city and the study environment in Esbjerg. Here you will also find information about available study places, student jobs, events for students and housing.