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Renting a home in Esbjerg Municipality

Are you looking to rent in Esbjerg Municipality? Whether you are new to the municipality, considering moving here or just curious about what it costs to rent an apartment or house here, you have come to the right place.

In Esbjerg Municipality, there is a wide spectrum of rental options: housing associations, private landlords and rental agencies. Housing associations, rental agencies and landlords can be contacted directly via phone, email or their website. Furthermore, you will often find rental options from private landlords advertised on online housing portals.

Housing Associations

Publicly-supported housing is a common concept in Denmark and housing associations exist to ensure a variety of public housing options for the public.

The associations are non-profit and are financially supported by the municipalities. These associations are often characterized by memberships, for which you pay a small fee per year, and offer their members seniority on waiting lists, meaning that those who have been members the longest will be first in the queue. Therefore, you will find it is common for people to sign up for membership with their potential future housing needs in mind. However, in some cases you can find suitable accommodation through associations within short notice.


Flexible waiting lists for newcomers and graduates with housing associations

Have you heard of flexible waiting lists?

Newcomers who have employment in Esbjerg Municipality and who do not yet have an address here, can register for a special waiting list with the local housing associations or 'boligforeninger'. The list is called ´fleksibel udlejning´ in Danish and it enables eligible applicants to jump the queue regarding 50% of vacant apartments in their apartment complexes. The flexible waiting list is also open for graduates for up until one year after graduation. 

Overview of where to find rental housing

Where are you going to live?

Esbjerg Municipality has many wonderful areas to choose from when you are looking for your new home. If you wish to know more, please explore the neighbourhoods in Esbjerg Municipality.

Neighbourhoods in Esbjerg Municipality

Looking to rent - here are a few things that are good to know

Nice to know about renting

We have gathered some practical information for you. Read more about for instance rental agreements, deposit, housing support or how to complain as tenant. You can also find general advice for tenants.