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Social-pedagogical subsidy

If your child's stay in a daycare is considered particularly necessary for social or pedagogical reasons, and payment is a challenge that complicates the child's enrollment or stay in a daycare, there is the possibility of being granted a social pedagogical subsidy.

How to Apply:

To have your eligibility assessed for the social-pedagogical free place subsidy, you need to apply for the subsidy.

Apply for economic free place subsidy

Afterwards, the Family & Prevention department (Familie & Forebyggelse) conducts a concrete and individual assessment of your situation.

If your child is eligible for a social-pedagogical free place subsidy, you will receive an approval from the Family & Prevention department. The subsidy is deducted from the parental fee.

If you move from the municipality
If you move from the municipality, the free place subsidy stops in connection with the move, even if you have chosen for your child to keep the place in Esbjerg Municipality. You can contact your new municipality of residence and apply for free place subsidy for the place.

If your child is in a private care arrangementIf your child is enrolled in a private care arrangement, a social-pedagogical free place subsidy cannot be granted.

If you have questions
The Family & Prevention department in the Citizen & Labor Market in Esbjerg Municipality is responsible for granting the subsidy.

Feel free to contact them if you want more information or have questions. You can find contact information in the contact box here on the page.