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Spare Time Ideas

As a newcomer to Esbjerg, there are probably many exciting places and experiences in and around the area that you haven't explored yet.

If you are new here, you probably feel that you have yet to explore your options. Esbjerg Municipality and the surrounding area offers a wide range of options. Once you get to know the area, you will probably feel more at home. 

We tried it ourselves

Pia and Nicole from the Newcomer Service moved to Esbjerg Municipality themselves and at one point had to explore the area.

Pia is a re-pat to Esbjerg municipality and Nicole is from Australia.

Our favourite spots

The Newcomer Service wishes everyone a good start with life here, therefore we would like to recommend some of the spots, that makes us feel at home here.

Amongst others, we recommend the places and experiences below.


The old Tobacco Factory

You will find the old FDB tobacco factory at Gasværksgade. Here hundreds of thousands of cheroots and cigarillos were manufactured six days of the week from 1901 and 1981.

The tobacco factory is still beaming with life today, but the homemade cheroots have been traded in for music performances. Even if you are a fussy music lover, you will find something to satisfy your taste. Rock, rap, pop music, jazz and many other music genres are all lined up with concerts.

At Tobakken you will also find the youth club Konfus, where youngsters of Esbjerg can meet up for a gamer’s web café or in a musician’s studio.

The Creative Workshops at Tobakken

Unleash your creativity

Artistic souls may want to go on an adventure at the creative workshops. Here you can paint, work with ceramics, do glassblowing and create textile printing. The workshops are open for the citizen in Esbjerg who is over the age of 15. You just need to be there in the opening hours. There is no instructors at the workshops, so you have to handle them yourself, but if you want to learn more on how to use the workshops, you can sign up for an introduction night.

Fanø & kite festival

Discover Fanø

It only takes about 12 minutes to get from Esbjerg to Fanø. It is the perfect place to get away from the bustle of the city and get some quiet and relaxation. You can expect wild nature, wide beaches, spotted seals and real island spirit on you way around Fanø. So, buckle up or tighten your helmet and go explore.

One of the best beaches on the island is only a short drive away from the harbor in Nordby. It is located on the beach between Fanø Bad and Rindby.  

If you need a little more action, you can surf or kite surf in the ocean a little south of Rindby on the way to Sønderho. On this part of the beach, you can also rent kite-buggies. There are over 3000 spotted and gray seals living on Fanø. Bring your family to Sønderho and find many of them laying on the big sandbank, call seal bank, in the ocean. Sometimes you can also spot a seal in the water or on the sand banks at low tide at Nordby by the harbor. You will find the Ferry to Fanø at Dokvej 6 in Esbjerg.

In august you can join the annual international kite festival on Fanø, either to put up a kite yourself or to be a spectator the many beautiful kites.

Skibbroen in Ribe

Skibbroen is a stream harbor build around 700 A.D. and it is one of the oldest sights to see in Ribe. At the time it was built; little ships with flat keels would deliver fresh supplies to Ribe by sailing up the stream. The stream made sure, that the city of Ribe became a trade route and made it possible for the city to have a big marketplace with lots of foods and life.

In 700 A.D., Skibbroen looked different than it does today. The modern version we see today was created in the Middle Ages and but reminds us of an important time for global trading in Denmark.

Skibbroen is a beautiful sight. Go for a walk along the cobblestone and overlook the marshlands that surrounds the city.

The address is simply Sibbroen, 6760 Ribe. Have a nice trip!

Ribe and the Cathedral 

Go to Ribe and get a glimpse of the Danish history. The city will take you to a different time, when Danes known as Vikings were the rulers of the north and went to war with England, France and the Baltic states. The city is the oldest in Denmark. It was founded around 700 A.D. where a big market square became the life of the city. The market square attracted many both national and international people and traders to Ribe. The market made Ribe prosper and grow to a big city, that we still know today. Today, when you arrive at Ribe, you will feel the historic vibe going down small cobble streets with the old timbered houses build in medieval times on every corner.

Some of the old homes is now used as cafés, stores and has other experiences for you to discover, all you have to do is to go explore them.  Go to the café, drink a cup of coffee, find jewelry inspired by Vikings or discover the many unique boutiques in Ribe. On your way around the city, you might even stumble upon one of the old houses where historic figures grew up – there are lots of them around the city. You also find the oldest Danish town hall and an old monetary in Ribe

If you wish to get a view of Ribe from above, climb the tower at Ribe Cathedral. Ribe Cathedral is the oldest standing cathedral in Denmark, and it is not hard to miss as it towers over the little timbered houses of the city.

The Secret Forest

Explore the forest

Few people know Kjersing Forest. The forest is hiding behind Kjersing industrial area, and that is why it is also known as “The secret forest”.

You should not overlook this great place if you want to get away. Here you can relax and feel like, you are miles away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You will find lots of fruits and berries in the secret forest. Go on a hunt and collect nuts and herbs to eat. You can also find berries for you next homemade jam. If you bring food on your trip, there are tables and seats at the lunch box house in the forest. There are also many animals in the area. If you are lucky, you will see the Scottish highland cattle grazing in the area

Do you want to go for a run? You can use the “Energy Path” in Kjersing Forest. The path is 2,3 kilometers so take a few rounds, if you are up for the challenge.

The Main Library in Esbjerg

Welcome to the wonderful world of books

We are both fans. The main library in Esbjerg is full of life and here you can read the newspapers, find good books, your favorite movie and listen to music. Bring your children and let them play in the play area, where you also find tables for your lunch boxes. Or borrow games for your children to play at home.

 There are lots of different events at the libraries. At the first floor you can experience a rotating photo exhibition by “Phototek Esbjerg” with modern photo art from all genres and a permanent exhibition of paintings by the Danish artist and author, Storm P.

The Wadden Sea Centre

Experience the beauty of the Wadden Sea

You will find Vadehavscentret (The Wadden Sea Centre) about 10 kilometers south of Ribe. Here you can get close to the nature and animals living in the Danish Wadden Sea and discover why the Wadden Sea is classified as one UNESCO world heritage sites and part of the world’s cultural heritage. Not only does it house a fine museum and have guided tours, but the building itself is also very spectacular. The experiences waiting for you at The Wadden Sea Centre includes. the option to discover the Wadden Sea up close at guided tours. The Centre also offers tours to spot seals or birds or Oyster safaris.

You will the Wadden Sea Centre at Okholmvej 5, 6760 Øster Vedsted

The beautiful Wadden Sea - Safari by the west coast

Visit the beautiful sights in nature by the west coast. There are seals, birds and oysters amongst others in the nature reserve around the Wadden Sea, so pack your bags and go on a safari at the Wadden Sea to catch a glimpse of them all.

Twice a year, something special is occurring at the Wadden Sea marshlands. The sky is painted black with little migratory birds who gathers around Ribe Marshlands in huge flocks. The starlings fly in giant flocks that is forming the phenomenon Black sun above the forests of reeds. You can experience the phenomenon of the black sun in spring and autumn either by exploring yourself where they gather by sunset and sunrise along the Wadden Sea for example by the dikes in Darum ro Ribe or you can book a guide tour at the Wadden Sea Centre here.

There is just as many – and maybe many more – seals by Fanø than permanent residents at the island. Over 3000 spotted seals and gray seals live around the Wadden Sea by Fanø and Mandø. You can find them at the big seal dune at Sønderho or just a short distance from the harbor at Nordby on Fanø. Here the seals often lie in the sun on the dunes at low tide.  

Gather oysters for tonight’s dinner. The oyster season runs from October to April. At the Wadden Sea Centre, you can book a tour with a guide, who will take you to the great mussel dunes in the middle of the Wadden Sea here. – Don’t worry; you will be equipped with waders for the trip.

Bird watchers can go to Fanø. Near the beach by Sønderho lays Sønderho Beach Lake where you can experience the native birds real close and up front. From the bird observatory cut into the dune, you can watch the birds on the lake without them noticing. On your way to the lake, you can find buckthorn and glasswort for dinner.

Seals, Oysters & Black Sun
You can come see it all on safari.

Off on a seal safari

You can book a seal safari from both Esbjerg and Fanø if you can't get enough of spotting seals, for example at Club Fanø.

Club Fanø

Watch the sun go black

It is the most beautiful sight when the starlings fly in flocks. The Wadden Sea Center offers a Black Sol Safari when it is in season - do you want to join?

Balck Sun Safari

Hunting for oysters

Do you want to hunt and gather your own dinner? How about oysters? The Wadden Sea Center offers a safari with an oyster guarantee.

Oyster safari

Esbjerg School of Culture

Lovely music and dance

Do you, or does your child have abilities like a prima ballerina or Picasso. Do you play music, sing or is it acting, you are passionate about? Then the School of Culture might be the place for you to be. Here you or your child can develop your talents and become even better at you hearts desires. The competent teachers at the school will lead the way. At the School of culture kids and youngsters an learn to play an instrument, be in a choir, do ballet, acting, writing, painting, or doing sculptures.

The School of Culture also provides specific courses designed to prepare you for the test at the Danish National Academy of Music or another higher education towards the art. You can find several preparing courses in both art, design, architecture, animation, photography, and films among others.

The school is a popular place for many people in Esbjerg Municipality. Therefore, it is a good idea to sign up for the school early in time for the season to start. Sometimes there is a waiting list for the courses – especially the ballet course that is a part of the Royal Ballet is very popular. You will find the School of Culture at Islandsgade 50 in Esbjerg.

The Danish National Academy of Music

Enjoy coffee and music at the café

Café Ørsted is both the school cafeteria for teachers, students and other employees, but everyone is welcome to come and enjoy lunch at the café. There often will be live music on at lunch as well. Often you will find free concerts by the students at Café Ørsted on Thursday evenings at 8 pm. You will also find various concerts in the concert hall with 198 seats is amongst the best halls to experience chamber music because of its extraordinary acoustics.

The Danish National Academy of Music in Esbjerg is located in the former power plant building of the city at Kirkegade 61 in Esbjerg.

History and nature in Bramming

Bramming town lies east of Esbjerg and is set at the edge of the wild with Holsted stream on one side and Ilsted stream on the other side.

Bramming museum of the region is set in the building of the old power plant in town. The old and historic building stands out from the crowd and is a very beautiful sight to see. Come to find out, what happened during the “Bramming accident” in 1913, or who lost his head and now haunts Sct. Knuds church at night. Those who loves history will certainly like the museum which even offers free entrance.

You will find one of the oldest Danish movie theaters in Bramming. The old building is still in use today as a movie theater. Go see a movie in this historic setting of Kosmorama. You also find many other events at Kosmorama than just movies. You can listen to music at concerts, laugh your heart out with the stand-up comedians.

Bramming is set between two streams with great nature sights to see right outside of town giving you a great option to go into the wild. If you love nature or the outdoors, you should come to Bramming. For example, to go camping at Terp by Bramming. Here there is a camping spot with all the equipment; you need for a night under the stars. There is also great opportunity to rent a canoe and go upstream at Holsted stream if you like to go paddling away.

World forest in Gørding

Here you will find a playground in the shapes of South America and Africa. If you walk around the forest, you can meet wooden animal sculptures. Pet a lion, see the Loch ness monster or get a glimpse of a crocodile or a bear. You will find the world forest at Østparken in Gørding.

Fun on Ice

You can skate all year round

In Esbjerg Municipality, there are many opportunities to get on the ice.

The indoor ice-skating rinks in Esbjerg called Granly arena is home to the ice hockey team Esbjerg Energy, who won the Danish national championship in 2017. Granly is also a venue for public ice skating. Young players and figure skates attending Ice skating on club basis practices at the two ice rinks, but every year from March to May, the rinks are open to the public, so everyone who wants to go ice skating is very welcome. Do not hesitate to go if you do not own a pair of skates yourself. You can rent ice skates at the rink for 30 kr. Just remember they don’t accept credit cards at the rink for payment.

In the coldest moths of the year from September to March, you can go and have a party on ice when Granly Hockey Arena throws ice discos.

You will find Granly Arena at Gl. Vardevej 82 in Esbjerg.

From November to February, when the schools take their leave for winter, there will be a big ice-skating rink at the Main square in Esbjerg, and everyone is welcome to come and skate free of charge. You can rent ice skates at the rink if you do not have your own, and if you have a little one, it is also possible to lend a penguin to support the first steps on the ice. So bring the family and go for a skate around the statue King Christian the IX. and experience the Christmas spirit when thousands of lights light up in the darkness during winter.

Svømmestadion Danmark

Svømning, leg og afslapning

You can go swimming in Svømmestadion Denmark. The 10.000 square feet water park has ten different swimming pools and baths. The Park is just one of many other swimming pools, you will find in Esbjerg Municipality. At the first floor you will also find a spa wellness section with roman baths and steam baths, and you can go to a night at the bath with sauna. In this part of the water park, you also find the icy cold pool for the brave ones.

Please be aware that in Denmark it is common with female shared changing rooms and male shared changing rooms and that you are required to shower in the changing rooms before entering the pool. You will also find smaller family shared changing rooms if you prefer. 

You will find the Swimming stadium and Water Park at Gl. Vardevej 60 in Esbjerg.

Game Streetmekka

Parkour, Street Basket - and a real street atmosphere

Street sports is what you find at the culture house, GAME Steetmekka, in Esbjerg. There are lots of activities targeted at kids and youngsters, but you can find something for all age-groups with an interest in Street sports including Street basket, Street football, Parkour, Hip hop and break dance, Yoga, DJ training, Skateboard and Graffiti.

Become a member at GAME for 50 kr. (lifetime membership) or purchase a daily ticket for children and youngsters for 10 DKK and 20 DKK for adults. You will find Game Streetmekka at Nørrebrogade 1C in Esbjerg.

Hjerting Seafront

If you want to get out of the inner city to go for a swim in the ocean or for a walk at the seafront boardwalk, Hjerting is the place. Go to Hjerting by car or by bike, there is a separate bicycle path the entire way.

Hjerting has a 660 meters seafront boardwalk where you have a great view over Ho bay.  

In summer, you can go for a swim at the beach. If you come early or get lucky, you can get one of the permanent hammocks at the beach. If you get too hot by the summer sun, there is a small café with ice cream and soft ice by the seafront. At the end of the seafront, you will find a clubhouse for sailors and winter swimming.

If you do not stop at the seafront but continue your journey through Hjerting you wind up at Hjerting Beach Park. In the evening, the park is very beautiful, because of the circular white lights that lights up the path in the dark.

Sædding beach

Sædding beach is located between two streams. It is not allowed to swim in the sea at Sædding beach, but the place is worth a visit anyway.

Many people go to the area for a run or to bicycle by the sea. There is a path for bicycles, runners and for people on a walk close by the sea away from the main road. Here you can also experience the big ships that sails by towards Esbjerg harbor. A tip is to go to Sædding beach by sunrise or sundown in good weather. It is very beautiful to see the sky turn orange and pink as the sun rises from or sinks into the sea.  

At Sædding strand you will also find four white giant men, that is scouting the sea. The sculptures name is Man meets the sea - created by Svend Wiig Hansen. If you like art, you might like to experience this specific piece of inspiring sculpture. The sculpture is so big; you can go around and under the legs of the four white men with no problem. By the sculpture you can also find picnic tables.

HEX! – Museum of Witch Hunt in Ribe

A spooky journey back in time

Discover the scary history of witch-hunts in Denmark and Europe in 1500 and 1600 A.D. The most famous case of witch-hunt in Denmark took place in Ribe, the case against the tailor’s wife, Maren Spliids, who was condemned and burnt in the year 1641. You will find the Hex museum at Sortebrødregade 1, Ribe.

Esbjerg Art Museum

Art for all ages

At the museum, you will find art for adults and for children, including traditional and new art with changing exhibitions.
Esbjerg art museum also offers a wonder chamber in the crossing between science and art. 

Esbjerg Museum

Travel in time

Wish to travel back in time to Esbjerg's past?

At Esbjerg Museum, you will meet a reconstructed Esbjerg City as it would have looked around 1900 A.D. Stand at the Main Square and see shops from 1908-1950. You can also visit Esbjerg harbour or take a peek into a working-class apartment or the apartment of a CEO. 

The Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Explore the sea

Here you are in for a treat, when you go around the museum and learn about the history of the sea and about sea animals or go back in time to the Middle Ages when Denmark was fishing herrings in Øresund and follow history up until today, when fishing equals sustainability. You can enter old fishery boats and walk by a reconstructed historic harbor, or you can learn about oil rigs in the North Sea. The Aquarium, where you can pet a fish and the Sealarium where you can watch seals close by attracts many families. The museum also offers a great outdoor playground.