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Vilslev-Jedsted is located in a scenic area with marshes and several small lakes and streams. Vilslev consists mostly of old farms and homesteads.

The town over the river

Vilslev and Jedsted are two country settlements that have grown together and are located on opposite sides of the Kong River. Historically, the two villages were separate communities with shared facilities in the area around the Kong River.

Today, the two towns are bound together by the road and bridge over the river. Several of the historic community buildings are still standing, including the old inn, the old customs house, the old school and the old dairy – and it is this area that acts as the center of the town today.

The remains of the town's history of separation over the King River is most visible at the annual town festival, where the communities compete with one another in feats, such as tug of war over the King River.

Vilslev-Jedsted is situated in a scenic nature area with marshes and several small ponds and waterways, with Vilslev to the north of the Kong River and Jedsted to the south of the river. Vilslev is primarily comprised of old farmsteads and farmhouses, giving the area a discernable country town feel. In Jedsted, there are similar old farmsteads and farmhouses in the northern part towards the river, while there are many newer single-family homes in the southern part of the settlement.

Vilslev-Jedsted is located south of Esbjerg and north of Ribe and approx. 600 people live in the city.

Transportation time by car

  • E20 14 min.
  • Hospital 20 min.
  • Esbjerg city 20 min.
  • Ribe 10 min.
  • Esbjerg sports park 21 min.
  • Billund airport 50 min.
  • Esbjerg airport 19 min.
  • Odense 1h 20 min.

Community spirit

There is an active association life in Vilslev-Jedsted with activities such as croquet, handball, scouts, fishing, residents’ and activity associations, housing and landowner associations and retirement associations. Furthermore, many residents also participate in the association life in Gredstedbro. There is a strong community in the town and the annual town festival is very popular, attracting many participants with a wide range of activities on offer.

There are also several active artists in Vilslev-Jedsted, for example sculptors, painters and potters. Other residents are active in the areas of hunting and fishing. The Kong River is a natural spot for fishing, and the town’s toboggan run is very popular in the winter months.

The old border river Kongeåen, from the early Middle Ages, formed a divide between the Duchy of Schleswig and the Kingdom of Denmark. From 1864 to 1920, the river formed the border between Denmark and Germany.

Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts and a district named city of children. Vilslev and Jedsted fall within the Vadehavsskolen school district, and children from the town typically attend school in Gredstedbro. A school bus connects the area to Gredstedbro.

In Gredstedbro, you will find:

Gredstedbro Skole Vadehav with grades from 0.-9. and associated after school cares (SFO)

Below you can take a closer look at where the different schools are located via the dynamic map.

Read more about schools, school districts and signing children up for 0 grade schooling (in Danish)


Discover schools and school districts in Esbjerg Municipality on this dynamic map.

Childcare in Gredstedbro

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into enrollment districts. Residents in Vilslev-Jedsted belongs to the district named Gredstedbro.

In Gredstedbro, you will find the offers below - there are also several daycare providers.

Building plots and infrastructure


Bus services connect the area to Ribe and Gredstedbro.

Building your own home

Several building sites are for sale. 

My local area

You can read more about the structure, history and municipal plan for the local area here.

Herredsbjerget in the marsh west of Vilslev was densely populated in ancient times. Today, Herredsbjerget is a small hill of 8 meters in the marsh, from which there is an impressive view over the flat marsh landscape.