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Village with space for life - in both detached housing estates and rental housing. Nice community and strong business life.

A village with great business activity

In Vejrup you will find many single-family houses, but also rental accommodation. The village is surrounded by nature and child friendly roads and it the Esbjerg – Kolding highway is only 3 minutes away.​

Vejrup is located east of Esbjerg and there live approx. 750 people in the city. From Vejrup, it takes just under 23 minutes to drive to Esbjerg Center and 3 minutes to the motorway.

Community spirit

In Vejrup there is a high attendance at the common activities in the village as well as a strong business life. Vejrup was in 2008 named “Village of the year”.

Vejrup has a rich associational life with activities such as sports, scouts and a civil association. The sports center is used both for sports and common activities. The village has a shooting range, which is used by many. The sense of community is strong in Vejrup and at the traditional town fair is visited by many

Vejrup has its own song: "The Vejrup song - a real place to live" - ”Vejrup sangen – et rigtigt sted at bo”.

Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts and a district named city of children.

In Vejrup, you will find:

Vejrup Skole Fortuna with grades from 0.-6. 

Associated after school cares (SFO)

Youth club

In Gørding, near Vejrup, you will find:

Gørding Skole Fortuna with grades from 0.-9.

Below you can take a closer look at where the different schools are located via the dynamic map.

Read more about schools, school districts and signing children up for 0 grade schooling here (in Danish)


Discover schools and school districts in Esbjerg Municipality on this dynamic map.


Childcare in Snurretoppen

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into enrollment districts. Residents in Vejrup belongs to the district named Vejrup.

In Vejrup, you will find the offers below - there are also several day care providers.


Building sites, infrastructure and a warm welcome

Practical information and welcome to Vejrup


There is bus service to Esbjerg.

Building your own home

Several building sites are for sale. 

Welcome Ambassadors

You are welcome to contact the Welcome Ambassadors if you wish to know more about the local community.

Hans Jørn Madsen, +45 29 85 15 66,
Niels Peder Regel, +45 61 38 78 79,

My local area

You can read more about the structure, history and municipal plan for the local area here.


More information

Welcome to Vejrup

Vejrup has their own page where you can read more about the city. Read more about what is happening in Vejrup via the link below.