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Denmark's oldest city is full of charm, culture and history. Welcome to Ribe.

A city of history and culture

As Denmark’s oldest city, Ribe is well known by the citizens of Denmark.​

Ribe offers an attractive old city center with the incomparable opportunity of settling in an historical environment with charming shopping streets. The city has managed to strike a good balance between its historic environment and an active business community and a diverse shopping environment.

The city of Ribe, with its special location amidst a beautiful landscape, has an unparalleled atmosphere due to the close association between the city center and the surrounding countryside. Approx. 1 million tourists visit Ribe each year. The old historic city provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of high-quality cultural events.

Denmark's oldest city

Ribe is south of Esbjerg and has approx. 8,500 inhabitants.

Transportation time by car

  • E20 23 min.
  • Hospital 27 min.
  • Esbjerg city 27 min.
  • Bramming 23 min.
  • Esbjerg sports park 28 min.
  • Billund airport 51 min.
  • Esbjerg airport 24 min.
  • Odense 1h 22 min.
  • Tønder 45 min.

Neighbourhoods in Ribe

Ribe North is characterized by houses and areas with apartment blocks. It neighbours the forest and the recreational space Nørrelundparken. Part of Ribe north is named Nørremarken. In the northwestern part of Ribe, you will also find a big industrial area. 

Ribe Southeast is the part of Ribe east of the railway station, bordering Ribe creek to the east and the marshland to the south. In this part of Ribe, you will find historical city houses, as well as more modern houses and recreational parks. The swimming pool, sports facilities and (from April 12 2022) the longest activity and history park in Scandinavia are also located in the southeastern part of Ribe.

Ribe Centre is the southwestern part of Ribe and is also the oldest part of Ribe. The buildings in this part of Ribe are mainly older historic houses and most of the shops plus the pedestrian street can also be found in this area. In the southwestern part of Ribe, you will also find Katedralskolen, which is one of the oldest youth schools in Denmark.

Ribe has a long tradition of welcoming guests, and the town itself was created by visiting Vikings, monks and traders in the 8th century. Back then, merchants from Byzantium, France, England, Germany and the Nordic region came to Ribe with their goods.

Community spirit

Ribe is a city of culture and the annual festivals in many ways define the city’s cultural brand. You can join for example Tulip festival in May, a Wine festival in September, an international Viking market in April, Rued Langgaard festival in September and Ribe Jazz Festival in July. In addition, you will find more traditional cultural events like Peter's Christmas, City night and night of culture. Everyday life in Ribe offers theatre at Drakomir, art at Ribe Art museum or Kolvigs gård, city parties with folk music and dance or to perform theatre at RIAMUF. Also, the city cafés often organize musical experiences, for example at Quedens Gård, Hotel Dagmar, Cafe Valdemar, Kolvig, Brorsons Minde, Restaurant Sælhunden, Postgården/Vinoble, Hotel Ribe, Ribe bryghus, Stenbohus or at the community hall at Seminiariehuset.

Ribe is a community and there are many options to find a network, either from voluntary work or by joining spare time activities at the associations. The associations include for example handball, soccer, badminton, swimming, tennis, ping-pong, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, golfing, rowing, sailing, scouting, fishing, shooting, climbing, chess, gymnastics and more. 

In Ribe, the watchman gives guided tours throughout the summer in the old city centre, where it is also possible to hear him sing the special watchman´s song by Danish hymn writer Thomas Kingo

Ribe Cathedral is the oldest in the country.

School, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts and a district named city of children. Children in Ribe belong to Vadehavsskolen, with 2 locations in Ribe.

In Ribe, you will find:

Ansgarskolen Vadehav with grades from 0.-9. in central Ribe 
Vittenbergskolen Vadehav with grades from 0.-9. in Ribe South 

Associated after school cares (SFO).

Youth club Ribe Midt.

In Ribe, you will also find the private school:

Riberhus Privatskole with grades from 0.-9. 

Below you can take a closer look at where the different schools are located via the dynamic map.

Read more about schools, school districts and signing children up for 0 grade schooling (in Danish)


Discover schools and school districts in Esbjerg Municipality on this dynamic map.

Youth school

In Ribe you will find youth educations at: Ribe Katedralskole

Ribe Cathedral School can be traced back to 1145, but is believed to be older still. The oldest of the current buildings can be dated back to the beginning of the 16th century.


Esbjerg Municipality is divided into enrollment districts. In Ribe you will find three childcare districts: the northern district Nørremarken/Tange, the central Ribe Midt/Ø.Vedsted and the southern district Ribe Syd. Below you can see institutions belonging to each of the districts.

In district Nørremarken/Tange, you will find:

  • Tangebo at Seminarievej (childcare and kindergarten) and at Willemoesvej (kindergarten)
  • Nørremarken (childcare and kindergarten)
  • Several daycares

In district Ribe Midt/Ø. Vedsted, you will find:

  • Kaskelotten in Øster Vedsted (childcare and kindergarten) 
  • Jacob A. Riis in Ribe center (kindergarten) 
  • Several daycares

In district Ribe Syd, you will find: 

  • Børnehus Syd Børnebo in Egebæk-Hviding (kindergarten) and Børnehus Syd Paraplyen in Roager (kindergarten) 
  • Several daycares

Read more about childcare (in Danish)

Building plots, infrastructure and a warm welcome


Ribe has connecting trains to Esbjerg, Tønder and Bramming plus busses to the surrounding villages. The train ride from Ribe to Esbjerg takes approx. 30 minutes.

Building your own home

Several building sites are for sale.

Welcome Ambassadors

You are welcome to contact the Welcome Ambassadors if you wish to know more about the local community.

Willi Weber, +45 24 42 93 59,
Lulu Hjarnø, +45 23 44 99 33,

My local area

You can read more about the structure, history and municipal plan for the local area here.



Children and childlike souls can enjoy the new large History and Activity Park in Ribe - Riplay.