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Scenic island life on Mandø - a little pearl in the Wadden Sea close to Ribe.

The island in the wadden sea

Mandø is in the middle of the Wadden Sea National Park between Fanø and Rømø. Access to Mandø is by Låningsvejen by low tide. Nature and scenic landscape form Mandø and give an atmosphere of tranquillity. Birdlife attracts tourists as Mandø is part of the world´s best spaces for birdwatching. The approx. 30 permanent residents on Mandø (ranging from age ½ year to age 99) live in single-family houses in Mandø, sheltered by the dunes. Besides the permanent housing, there are lots of holiday homes.

The beautiful island near Ribe

Mandø is located southwest of Ribe and has approx. 30 inhabitants.

Transportation time by car

  • E20 66 min.
  • Hospital 64 min.
  • Esbjerg City 64 min.
  • Ribe 38 min.
  • Esbjerg sports park 67 min.
  • Billund airport 1 t. 35 min.
  • Esbjerg airport 66 min.
  • Odense 2h 1 min.

Island spirit

Mandøs retail includes grocery shopping, a restaurant, a café plus a

Tourist shop. Summertime also offers a flea market which attracts people from the mainland and tourists. Mandø also offers a splendid playground. During weekends and holidays, the Island is also full of leisure residents, who add to the Island life.

Leisure activities are formed by co-operation amongst the Island residents and the leisure residents. Island activities are characterized by a strong community, where everyone knows everyone. Mandø council organize a wide range of events and activities including Mandøfesten, beach-cleaning, fastelavn ”Sct. Høns”, and advent weekend.

The Mandø Tractor-bus have transported tourists for more than 30 years.

Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts and a district named city of children. Children on Mandø belong to Vadehavskolen in Egebæk-Hviding and Ribe. Children from Mandø usually attend the school in Egebæk-Hviding from grade 0-6, and the school in Ribe from grade 7. There is a school bus service to Egebæk-Hviding and Ribe. 

In Egebæk-Hviding, you will find:

Egebæk-Hviding Skole Vadehav with grades from 0.-6.  

Associated after school cares (SFO)

Youth club Ribe Egebæk-Hviding

In Ribe, you will find:

Ansgarskolen Vadehav with grades from 0.-9. in central Ribe 

Vittenbergskolen Vadehav with grades from 0.-9. in Ribe South 

Associated after school cares (SFO)

Youth club Ribe Midt

Below you can take a closer look at where the different schools are located via the dynamic map.

Read more about schools, school districts and signing children up for 0 grade schooling (in Danish)


Discover schools and school districts in Esbjerg Municipality on this dynamic map.


Esbjerg Municipality is divided into enrollment districts. Residents on Mandø belongs to the district named Ribe Syd.

In district Ribe Syd, you will find: 

Read more about childcare (in Danish)

Mandø is famous for its unique bird life.

Doctor, infrastructure and a warm welcome


There is no regular public transportation to and from Mandø. Residents reach the island by car, bike or similar, or by tourist-tractor in the summertime. It is possible to access the Island two times per day at low tide using Låsningsvejen.

Medical service

There is a GP visit at Mandø once a week, and the island have a defibrillator. In case of emergencies the island has educated first aid helpers to assist until an ambulance or helicopter reach the island.   

Welcome Ambassador

You are welcome to contact the Welcome Ambassador if you wish to know more about the local community.

Margit Højen Knudsen, 

My local area

You can read more about the structure, history and municipal plan for the local area here.

More information

More info about Mandø

Mandø has its own community council. You can read more via the link.

Koresand is a 30 km2 dune in the Wadden Sea, southwest of Mandø, and can only be explored by tractor-bus.