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Counting the suburbs, there are approx. 80,000 people in Esbjerg, which as a growing international city attracts labour from all over the country and from abroad.

A modern city

Esbjerg is western Denmark’s main hub with a city atmosphere and is characterized by a pioneer spirit. If including the very near suburbs there are approx. 80.000 residents in Esbjerg. As a business hub within the energy sector, the city attracts labour force from abroad and thus has an international touch and a very active international community.

In the centre of Esbjerg, people mainly live in apartment blocks and city houses. On the outskirts of Esbjerg, you will find all types of housing options, and the surrounding villages offer detached houses and villas.   

Green areas and parks offer many recreational activities, and the green circle surrounding Esbjerg makes it possible for residents to stay connected with nature.

Esbjerg city is made up by the neighbourhood’s called Inner city, Gammelby/Østerby, Rørkjær, Vognsbøl, Strandby, Spangsbjerg, Boldesager and Jerne. Close by suburban city areas include Sædding, Gjesing, Kvaglund, Hjerting, Sønderris, Guldager, Tarp/Bryndum and the industrial/business area of Kjersing.

Space and a place for everyone

Esbjerg city has approx. 40,000 inhabitants.

Transportation time by car

  • E20 7 min.
  • Esbjerg airport 10 min.
  • Billund airport 52 min.
  • Ribe 26 min.
  • Bramming 18 min.
  • Copenhagen 2h 55 min.
  • Flensburg 1h 55 min.
  • Odense 1h 22 min.

Kultur i Esbjerg

In Esbjerg, you will find cultural institutions offering theatre and concerts plus festivals within music, theatre, art, fantasy, sports, and more. There are also often smaller concerts and events at cultural venues.

Idræt i Esbjerg

Full speed ahead with sports

Sport is a priority for the municipality of Esbjerg; therefore, you will find loads of sports venues throughout the city. You will also find spectator sports venues.

Sydvestjysk Sygehus

Central hospital in Esbjerg

The emergency ward and the out-of-office doctor are located at the hospital 'Sydvestjysk Sygehus' in Esbjerg, the main hospital in this part of Denmark. The hospital in Esbjerg has specialties in both medical and surgical areas.

Did you know that...

  • Appointed in 1899, Esbjerg is one of the country’s youngest market towns.
  • The Esbjerg performing Arts Centre was built in 1997 in an exceptional cooperation between private and public investors.
  • The rhythmic music club Tobakken receives support as a regional music venue
  • Esbjerg’s downtown area has been awarded prizes for, e.g. its lighting and nontraditional collaborative work
  • Esbjerg has been presented with the City of the Year award twice. In 1997 and again in 2006 for its work with talented young people
  • In Esbjerg you will find the Academy of Music, an arts academy with both Danish and International students
  • A beautiful and exiting ice skating rink in the town square is a popular winter attraction
  • With all it has to offer, Esbjerg’s Celebration Week attracts tens of thousands of people into the downtown area
  • Esbjerg has beaches near Hjerting, Sjelborg and Marbæk

Infrastructure in Esbjerg

Busses connect the neighbourhoods of Esbjerg, and you will find several bike paths, making it easy to reach everything by bike.