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Partner jobs

When relocating it is important that the entire family thrives in the new surroundings. 

For those who seek a dual career in Esbjerg, ensuring jobs for accompanying partners is a high priority in Newcomer Service. We corporate with Esbjerg Jobcenter and Esbjerg Business Development Centre to offer you a coordinated introduction to the local job market.

Individual guidance

We are ready to help you

We offer individual job sparring, and we can use our local professional network to help you seek out job opportunities. We co-operate with our partners and network to ensure that we find openings that match your qualifications and experience. We will share our knowledge about relevant companies in Esbjerg Municipality. For instance, we often co-operate with the local job center about network, work placement, employer declarations and with Business Esbjerg to make sure we connect with lots of companies etc.

We can help you with:

  • Sparring on job applications and the job market culture in Denmark
  • Feedback on your CV
  • To send your CV and profile to our business network
  • Tips about job search and local networks

Contact Nicole

Call or write to Nicole

She is ready to help you

Call or write Nicole in Esbjerg Municipality's Newcomer Service. She is ready to help you find the right job.

Nicole Devon Hogan
+45 23 99 55 34

Recommendations for job seekers

A few tips to get you started

We recommend that you:

  • Contact the Newcomer Service and attend our job cafés
  • Contact the temp and recruitment agencies
  • Apply for advertised position and apply unsolicited with local companies

Upload your CV

Give companies the chance to find you

We highly recommend that you upload your CV at the site of Business Esbjerg, so we can distribute it to our business network.

Upload your CV