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There is room and space for both adults, children and young people in Grimstrup. Close to both the city, E20 and beautiful nature.

The village at the thicket

In Grimstrup you will find various types of housing gathered in a green environment with wide and child-friendly streets.​

Grimstrup contains several scenic areas that the village has taken into use and provides many outdoor spaces. The village is primarily known for Grimstrup Thicket.

Skøn natur og fællesskab i Grimstrup

Grimstrup lies east of Esbjerg and has approx. 700 inhabitants. From here it takes approx. 5 minutes by car to E20, 14 minutes to Esbjerg city centre and 15 minutes to Esbjerg Sports Park.

Community spirit

Grimstrup is a community where outdoor activities such as sports, social events and education are in focus. The sports activities are centered around the multi course, the tennis court and the croquet course. Besides that, the Danish Gymnastic Association (DGI) arranges an annual run in Grimstrup. In general, there are many common activities and events in Grimstrup.

The village has an area for motorsports which attract both local enthusiasts and visitors.

Grimstrup has its very own troll. In the old days, it was said that trolls lived in the forest. One day a troll came forward freely and has since stood and testified that Grimstrup has one of the municipality's best playgrounds.

Schools, after-school care (SFO) & clubs

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into seven school districts and a district named city of children. Children in Grimstrup belongs to Fortunaskolen, with a department in Grimstrup from grade 0-6. From grade 7 children from Grimstrup continue at the Fortunaskolen in Bramming. There is a schoolbus service.

In Grimstrup, you will find:

Egekratskolen Fortuna and associated after school care (SFO) and Youth Club Ungdomsklub Grimstrup

In Bramming, near Grimstrup, you will find:

Nordre Skole Fortuna with grades from 0-9.

Below you can take a closer look at where the different schools are located via the dynamic map.

Read more about schools, school districts and signing children up for 0 grade schooling here (in Danish)


Discover schools and school districts in Esbjerg Municipality on this dynamic map.


Childcare in Grimstrup

Esbjerg Municipality is divided into enrollment districts. Residents in Grimstrup belongs to the district named Grimstrup.

In Grimstrup you will find the offers below - there are also several daycare providers.

Construction, infrastructure and a warm welcome

Great start in Grimstrup


Bus service connects Grimstrup with Esbjerg, Bramming and the surrounding villages.

Welcome Ambassador

You are welcome to contact the Welcome Ambassador if you wish to know more about the local community.

Claus Pedersen, +45 23 32 79 78

Building your own home

Several building sites are for sale. 

More information

More info about Grimstrup

Grimstrup has its own website where you can read about the town.

The local council's description of the city

"In Grimstrup, we believe that 'small is good', and we are proud of our little natural gem. In Grimstrup, we appreciate the close things and the nature that we live in the middle of. We experience great support for the local events, whether it is a church concert or communal dining during the sports festival." Grimstrup Local Council