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The many towns and neighbourhoods in Esbjerg Municipality

In Esbjerg Municipality opposites meet and diversity thrives. In Esbjerg you can enjoy city life, in Ribe you can sense the presence of history, and in Bramming you can enjoy life in a town with optimum infrastructure. And the many smaller towns and villages offers a wide range of options for all.

In the entire municipality, you will be located close to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. This is a natural part of living here. In all modesty, we do find it unique that within half an hour’s drive you can shift from looking at the rigs, which constitute the skyline of Esbjerg city to walking in UNESCO preserved nature – perhaps enjoying starling magic. 

Perhaps you’re looking for a house with a view of the sea. Maybe you yearn for a nearby forest for your daily run. Or maybe having a café around the corner is a must for you.
Below you will find descriptions of the cities, the suburban areas as well as the charming villages and peaceful rural areas.

Dive in – hopefully, it will make it easier to find just the right spot.

On this dynamic map you can have a look at the location of the different residential areas. Zoom in to see the smaller villages.

Read about the neighbourhoods in alphabetical order here